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Excellent References! Providing Quality Care Since 1993.


I have high standards, and I provide quality care. I am concerned with each child’s individual needs. I am also flexible in meeting your family’s need as well.


I have taken considerable ridged safety measures. I have as strong preventive health care program. I am certified in pediatric first aid and CPR. I have taken several EMS safety courses.

I am a board member of the Local Planning Council, Child Care division, as well as a member of the Gavilan College Child Development Advisory Committee. I was an instructor for the Child Care Initiative Project through Go Kids, before the budget cuts. I am also certified peer mentor.

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I am the Past President of the San Benito Family Child Care Association. I was President from 2003 until 2010. I provided current information on health and safety issues, preschool, early literacy, as well as provider support. We maintained the highest integrity and concern for children, families and the child care providers in our community.  

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I am a licensed, professional child care provider as well as a credentialed teacher. I have a degree in Child Development/Early Care Education. I attend various UC Davis extension classes, West Ed college courses, and numerous conferences, seminars and work shops to keep current on best practices for children.

Now that you have reviewed my business contract, I would like to tell you about my child care, and myself.

I have been in child care since 1994. I love it! I have found my niche! There is a lot to be said about smiles, hugs and joyful laughter. Prior to child care I was Store Manager for Payless Drug Store for almost 14 years. That was an excellent, valuable business experience. I am a professional person, whose best interest lies in the children in my care.

One of my goals is to provide the tools necessary to foster secure, healthy and loving attachments for my children. These attachments will lay the foundation for every child to be productive, well adjusted members of society. Preschool age children need opportunities to learn in environments that are safe, stimulate cognitive development, and meet the child’s social and emotional needs.


The preschool curriculum I provide during the school season is very educational and fun. I am structured, yet flexible with my program. The tools I provide enhance language, cognitive development as well as small and large motor skills. This allows for an integrated system for learning, healthy play and socialization. We learn about colors, shapes, letters make words, and words have meaning, sounds, number, manners, nature, space, music, weather, dancing etc. We do a lot of arts and crafts; we read a lot of books, play games, paint, do puzzles, dance and sing, color, play outside a lot and have lots of fun! I provide many hands on experiences in small groups. This allows me to work one on one to meet each child’s individual needs. Children are allowed to participate at their own pace. I feel it is important to build the curriculum around the child’s interest.


I believe children learn through direct teaching and hands on learning as well as through play. Through play children learn social skills, emotional skills, as well as gain motor skills.

I think life is full of structure as you age. I feel infants and toddlers need to giggle and explore, run and jump, laugh and learn, at their own pace.

I firmly believe in good nutrition and serve excellent hot-homemade meals and daily. Snacks and drinks are also nutritious. My menu is always available for your review.

I believe in having fun, with lots of love and praise and learning. I also believe in God and run my child care accordingly. If you have any questions, or special needs, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

My goal is to encourage your child to feel safe and loved, in a nurturing, educational, wonderful, fun, healthy and safe, and loving environment.


All the best,

Vicky Grimmett